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Why ALC Online English Class?

For corporate English training, leave it to us. You can efficiently learn English conversation that can be used in business situations in line with current trends through one-on-one lessons with high quality tutors living in Japan and overseas via Skype 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere.


The most distinctive feature of this service is ALC's unique, careful and flexible teaching method that responds to the characteristics of each student and provides concrete feedback, which has received a high rating of over 97.9% in terms of student satisfaction.



Professional Teachers

Our instructors have been hired after passing strict screening criteria and have received dedicated training. In addition, instructors receive feedback guidance through regular lesson observations. In this way, quality control of lessons is guaranteed.


By teaching one-on-one, we are able to give our students individualized, attentive, and effective lessons. In addition, the close feedback from the instructor allows you to identify areas of weakness and areas that need to be strengthened, which motivates you to continue with the lessons.


Unique Methods/Materials

Our unique "Creative Communication Method" allows you to work with your instructor to transform what you have to say into quality English sentences according to the situation you face. By repeatedly working on these English compositions, you will be able to immediately communicate what you want to say. The vocabulary and grammar advice from experienced instructors will also help you improve the quality of your English.


ALC has been involved in English education for Japanese people for many years, and we are proud of the curriculum that we have developed.



High Convenience​

We offer lessons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This service fits into the lifestyle of those who are busy with work. Lessons must be reserved at least one hour in advance. You can choose any tutor you like, and you can take lessons either on your PC or on your smart phone! As long as you have a good communication environment.

You can easily check the number of lessons and feedback comments at any time. You will also receive a reminder email from the beginning to the end of the lesson to ensure that you do not miss any lessons.

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